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Vol.1(2/2) Futabamachi, Fukushima-ken 
by habitation studio

"MORNING PROWLER"第ニ弾は、前回に続いて最新号"WHOPEN"の丸山晋太郎の巻頭コラムに挿入されたWDAPPの写真、福島第一原発から半径20km圏内の警戒区域にある双葉町のトンネルスポット"おむすび"をモーニングプローラー。

Two years from "Night Prowler" released in June 2009, "Morning Prowler" sets off. Behind the photos that appeared on the pages of Sb, there was an eye of a prowler looking through a camera. The place was always filled with laughter. We were all crazy about skateboards, and never ran out of topic to talk about. We were at the height of our youth. Is this an exaggeration? No. We could skateboard as much as we liked, surrounded by friends, and smiles. We could really feel that we were enjoying ourselves, and our energy was expanding infinitely. I wish I could go back there this weekend and skateboard again, to be filled with laughter. But I can't do it anymore. I wonder what happened to the boy whom I came across that day? What about that friendly old chap? Under the Japanese sky still covered with fear and anxiety, what could have become of that treasured spot? The tunnel spot called "OMUSUBI" in Futaba-cho is located within 20 km radius of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. The area is a designated warning area. It is very close to the power plant. It was the best spot for cheerfully enjoying skateboarding with good friends in a healthy atmosphere, although we could be hurt when we got slammed in a fall. In those peaceful days, our everyday conversation echoed in the tunnel. We didn't have to think about anything. "Hoping for the day when we could all go back there…" is the thought that comes and goes, and the photo by the trueborn skateboard prowler Katsumi Minami begins to move….

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